2012 Nissan Leaf – The future, plugged and unplugged

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By AARON COLE, Syndicated Columnist It starts, fascinatingly enough, in a parking lot. It would start in a parking lot. It’s a car. Lots of cars start in lots of lots. There’s no hum from a motor, or whisper of exhaust from a rear-facing pipe. No timbre of a V8, no whine of a strained four…. Read more »

Click and Clack: An idea that’s ahead of its time

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By Tom and Ray Magliozzi King Features Dear Tom and Ray: Say I have an electric car (one that runs on nothing but electricity) that can be charged by plugging into any outlet. But for cross-country trips or long trips outside my car’s range, I carry a 120-volt Honda generator and a gas can in… Read more »