Click and Clack – Is there hope for this stinky car?

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By Tom and Ray Magliozzi Dear Tom and Ray: I need your help. My car has an odor that will not go away. My car, now known as “The Farm,” smells like a barn. Basically, my brother’s dog (her name is Drama) squirted her anal gland (yes, it’s disgusting) on my Prius’s fabric back seat…. Read more »

2012 Fiat 500

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By AARON COLE For Utah Rides You’d be surprised at what cars can do. Did I say surprised? I mean shocked. Maybe even mouth-open, flabbergast, foot stomping, stuttering, spittle raining, gob smacked. It’s a scientific fact that everyone on the planet has a story about how their jalopy once circumnavigated the lower quarter of the… Read more »